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ll Origine helmets follow the most modern and severe European standard for the homologation.

As matter of fact they are all certi ed following the ECE 22-05 homologation, the most recent version of it.

The ECE label shows:

  • The international standard approval mark consisting of a circle with the letter E inside followed by the number identifying the country that issued the approval (1 = Germany, 2 = France, 3 = Italy, 4 = Holland, etc.).
  • A first series of numbers "051598" that corresponds to the details of the standard approval, the rst two numbers of this series "05" indicate the series of amendments to Regulation 22 according to which the helmet approval was granted.
  • The approval number is followed by: "J" if the helmet doesn't have a lover face cover; "P" if the helmet has a protective lower face cover; "NP" if the helmet has a non protective lover face cover.
  • A second series of numbers "0010000" that corresponds to the production serial number.

Sales Network: Origine uses a commercial network on national scale, divide by regions and provinces. This network is responsible for the research and development of new clients and the study of the market, in order to offer new ideas and new products.

Post-sale: The warranty is not just on the product, but an ef cient post-sale service is granted, through a competent agents network, ready to assist the customer in any need, from spare parts to accessory to any other.

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